Wilmington Area Soccer

Fall 2019 Travel Registration


Welcome to the Fall 2019 Travel Registration!

This registration session will allow you to complete contact information, sign up for participation, and submit payment. Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately. To complete registration through our secure site, please have your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or checking account information available.


You MUST register your child in the appropriate age category based on birth year.  If you want your child to "play up" the appropriate paper work needs emailed to Melissa Headlee-Kendall  at: melissah.wasc@gmail.com.   Play ups are pending board approval. 

Paperwork can be found on our website: http://www.mywasc.net/page/show/2737652-age-guidelines


Travel Soccer Programs

Season begins August and runs through October 12th. 

U9/U10  Step-Up Futures Program

  • Two practices each week. One will be Wednesday Evenings and another evening TBD.
  • Games Saturdays
  • Teams will also play a minimum of 2 Festivals with other Future Clubs(Lawrence County and Beaver County) 

U11 through U16 PA West District 3 Travel

  • Games Sundays
  • Minimum two weekly practices TBD by coaches 



Fall Travel Registration Costs

Registration ONLY is by Birth Year

Teams are formed by combining age groups. (Example: U12/U13, U11/U12, U14/U15 etc...)

U9/U10 Futures Program (Birth Date 2011 and 2010) Registration $95 (Plus Dri-Fit Uniform Kit) (Practice Jersey Included) 

U11 (Birth Date 2009) Registration $105 (Plus Dri-Fit Uniform Kit) (Practice Jersey Included) 

U12 (Birth Date 2008) Registration $105 (Plus Dri-Fit Uniform Kit) (Practice Jersey Included) 

U13 (Birth Date 2007) Registration $105 (Plus Dri-Fit Uniform Kit) (Practice Jersey Included) 

U14 (Birth Date 2006) Registration $105 (Plus Dri-Fit Uniform Kit) (Practice Jersey Included) 

U15 (Birth Date 2005) Registration $105 (Plus Dri-Fit Uniform Kit) (Practice Jersey Included) 

U16 (Birth Date 2004) Registration $105 (Plus Dri-Fit Uniform Kit) (Practice Jersey Included) 

Special Notes

•Player Birth Certificate and Recent Photo will need to be uploaded on the player Information page. 
Players team placement will be determined by registration dynamics. WASC is a developmental club and we provide the best opportunity for growth in all players. 
•WASC teams from U9 to U16  will NOT be determined by parents requests for following:  A specific coach to have or NOT to have for your child, your child to be placed on or Not to be placed on a specific team with a specific person, special days and times you wish for your child to practice. 
•NO refunds will be given after the registration is received except for an illness or injury preventing participation, moving further than 25 miles away, and/or failure of the club to have enough players to field a team. Once the first practice started, application for refund will not be accepted. 
•Later Registration Fee of $25.00 will automatically be added starting July 28th *No Exceptions! 
•ALL Parents MUST enter a phone number and/or email on their WASC Page Account under SETTINGS and accept notifications. This is how coaches and the WASC board communicate with the parents. Your information does not transfer from registration into the page account.


Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Melissa Headlee-Kendall


Phone: (724) 730-4583